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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  September 11, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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>> steve: joakim soria throwing in the bullpen. probably needs an inning of work. 18 base hits for the royals this evening. >> ken: they can single and double you to death. >> steve: and they have. tonight. >> ken: this will be the 6th at-bat for butler. he's 1 for 5. takes that breaking ball low and away.
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and that's slicing foul. after the game, stay tuned for the 9th news with bob jordan and jackie banks. jim ramsey with the weather, and rich king for all the sports highlights. 1 out, 1-1 the count. konerko playing behind maier. there's a chopper. 27th double play hit into by billy butler, and that will retire the side. so we will go to the bottom of the 9th. we need 6 to tie. diabetes testing? what else is new?
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>> steve: sox fans, you can manage the game along with ozzie guillen. you can click on the sports game zone banner to check all the game stats and information while you're watching at home. the game zone is brought to you by: columbia college of missouri. online classes fit your schedule and budget. >> ken: very good. >> steve: good to manage along with ozzie in the 9th inning of an 8-2 game. >> ken: alexie, beckham, and pierre.
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watch out. slashed into the seats. alexei, 1 for 3 with a two-out rbi single. cincinnati has tied up pittsburgh, still hitting in the bottom of the 9th with a couple of guys on. cincinnati trying to stretch out their lead. >> steve: they will make it tough on st. louis who already lost. that would be seven games. >> ken: doesn't get a chance to save too many, but soria usually nails it down. 37 saves, 1-2 record, a .171 e.r.a., in just his 59th appearance. >> ken: alejandro deaza on deck. 1-2 the count.
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>> ken: extra innings in cincinnati. tied at 4 with pittsburgh. full count. give him a finish. 26,389. softly hit. betancourt has got it, real good
9:06 pm
arm, bad throw. that will be his 16th error. more importantly, we have a base runner. >> steve: betancourt makes errors on relatively routine plays. he makes very good plays, and then does things like that. >> ken: he opened the door last night>> steve: we will see if deaza can do some damage against the league's premier closer. >> ken: that one is taken down low.
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chopper, right side. throws to first, gets the out. one down. here's juan. he's 0 for 4 with a couple much strikeouts coming in his last two -- a couple of strikeouts coming in his last two at-bats. >> steve: for him, that's very surprising. he came in with more walks than strikeouts. nick blackburn has a no hitter through knife. there is no score in cleveland with the twins. >> ken: rossco has only given up 4. >> steve: he's one of the four that came over from philadelphia in the cliff lee deal.
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>> ken: that's softly hit off the foot. >> steve: dan bellino doesn't know. and then he looks and gets the foul sign. from rob drake. >> ken: alexei at second, one out. 18 hits, 1 error for them, this has been a stinker tonight. if you're just tuning in.
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>> steve: from the beginning. >> ken: yes, they scored one in the first, broken bat. and then we gave them two big runs in the 2nd. come on, tribe. need a little help. only 20 games remaining after this one tonight. think we're going to get them in the last 22 games? we're going to find a way to do it. that's out of play, left side. and minnesota's last 22 games, they hit 12 on the road. and in our last 22, we have 6 on the road. bullpen has become an issue bigger than us.
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that's outside. 2-2. >> steve: the bullpen has started to come back. >> ken: they have started to come back. >> steve: bobby jenks is the one who has had some problems, but j. j. putz is back, sale has been just unbelievable with the outings he has had. santos is throwing the ball well again. >> ken: but the guy who anchors that bullpen is bobby jenks. foul tipped. staying alive. >> steve: >> steve: that ball trickled away. >> ken: if our bullpen does what i think they can do for the last three weeks, we have an excellent chance of coming back. that's hit to left centerfield. blanco is there. and that is out number 2.
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here's the u.s. cellular text question results. yes, 74%. no, 26%. and that's it. so the answer is yes. >> steve: >> ken: out of play right side. just again a reminder, makes your plans to be here at the ballpark for this series finale. if you can't make it to the ballpark, the game will be over on comcast sportsnet, a 1:05 start.
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and that is out of play right side once again. so the count 0-2 with two down. down to our last bullet. breaking ball low and away, 1-2.
9:13 pm
the upside for somebody, this young man here is huge. and chopped that one foul. get yourself a base hit right here. >> steve: that fits nicely in. >> ken: 2-2. alex rios on deck. >> steve: soria is the most unusual closer. he's not overpowering, and he has very good control. and he uses four pitches. most closers don't do that. >> ken: another good eye,
9:14 pm
and the count goes full. >> steve: alex rios could keep it alive. >> ken: base hit right here. and this ball game is over. so they even up the series at a game apiece. we won last night 4-3, and they won tonight 8-2, and we will be back. coming up, the nation remembers 9/11, we take you to new york, washington, and pennsylvania. tributes also take place here at home, a report from naperville, and a word probably
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only with verizon. rule the air. >> ken: let's check out our miller player of the game. it is kyle davies. he went six innings giving up just one run, five hits, two walks, five strikeouts. our miller player of the game. and the final totals on game 2 of this three-game set setting up the rubber match of this
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series tomorrow afternoon. the royals 8 runs, 18 hits, one error. they left 13. for our guys, 2 runs, 8 hits, no errors, we left 8. jackson takes the loss, he was 3-1. reminder, our next white sox telecast will be wednesday night between the sox and the minnesota twins. our broadcast begins at 7:00 p.m. join us at 9:00 on wgn tv. for my partner, steve stone, and all of our crew, this is the hawk, so long, everybody. be sure and stay tuned because the wgn news is next. >> chicago white sox baseball was brought to you by:
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this is wgn news at 9. breaking news tonight, a police officer has been shot near 75th and south shore. good evening, i'm robert jordan. >> details on this story are still coming in. >> maggie is live at the scene with the latest, maggie? >> reporter: police are searching for the shooter. he's armed and dangerous, and we can tell you they are searching on foot with their canine units and the police helicopter is in the area as well. police are stopping cars, police are carrying assault rifles, searching cars near the scene. let's take you back and tell you what happened around 7:00 tonight, witnesses describe hearing multiple shots. police say they stopped a man
9:21 pm
in this area, said something looked suspicious. they talked to the man, that is when police tell us the man opened fire on the police officers, the officers, they were two of them, the partner in this case returned fire. we do know, one of the officers was shot, shot twice. once in the shoulder, also in the chest. he was wearing a bullet-proof vest. let's take a listen to what witnesses described to us a few minutes ago. >> i guess it was a shoot out. we heard shots and the dude come on the side of our house, then that's what we said the police officer was shot in the back. >> i'm cooking dinner looking out the window, i see the police come, i hear the gun shots first. i started praying and just then i ran out. >> reporter: we're going to show you video of the officer's family arriving at the
9:22 pm
hospital. this officer is a 10-year veteran. he's listed in fair condition. the chest wound, he was wearing a bullet-proof vest. he is expected to be released tonight. let me tell you about this shooter, who again, is on the loose right now considered armed and dangerous. we are getting this information from police. they describe him as a heavy- set hispanics panic male. he was wearing a striped jacket and green jeans. he was driving a 2002 gold saturn. the license plait, 648-8550. again tonight, an officer listed in good condition, the shooter is on the loose tonight. live at 75th and south shore drive, wgn news. >> thanks so much. a porch collapse injured 11 people. officials say a group of 8 senior citizens were on a
9:23 pm
second story wooden deck that suddenly dropped. three more people were hit by debris. that happened at about 5:30 this afternoon. building inspectors are looking at why the deck collapsed. the 9 injured were taken to area hospitals, none of the injuries were life threatening. gone, but not forgotten. today marked the 9-year anniversary of the september 11 terrorist attacks. america paused to remember the lives cut short, but also the heroism displayed on that horrific day. a bell rings to mark the time, 8:46:00 a.m. when flight 11 crashed into the north tower of the world trade center. here at ground zero, families gathered, reading the names of those who died 9 years ago. >> kristy a. >> reporter: nearly 3,000 lives were lost on september 11,
9:24 pm
2001, after 19 al qaeda terrorists hijacked four commercial airliners, crashing two of them into the trade center, one into the pentagon, and one crashed in a field in pennsylvania. president obama laid a wreath at the pentagon remembering the 184 victims. >> they were americans, and people from far corners of the world. they were snatched from us senselessly and much too soon. but they lived well, and they live on in you. >> reporter: in pennsylvania, first lady michelle obama and first lady laura bush remembered the passengers who fought back against the terrorists, forcing them to crash in this field instead of their intended target. >> they all found the same resolve. they agreed to the same bold plan. this spot was chosen by the
9:25 pm
passengers of flight 93, who spared our country from even greater horrors. >> this was also a day of service. the president and first lady took part in projects in dc and virginia. in the meantime in the footprints of the twin towers, work on the ground zero memorial continues. there will be two reflecting pools, each with a waterfall flowing into a deeper pool. >> that memorial at ground zero should be complete by next september 11, a permanent memorial should also be in pennsylvania by then. >> many chicago-land communities are holding services paying tribute to 9/11 victims. we report on one in naperville honoring a navy commander from there who died in the pentagon
9:26 pm
attack. >> reporter: this memorial service was timed to wonder with the horrific effects nine years ago today. it was a time to pause and remember what no one here will ever forget. >> we saw 200,000-some tons of steel, dust, mixed with everything else. we went underground to search the parking garages that caught on fire five floors down. we searched numerous voids for live victims but found none. >> reporter: the captain encountered his 18-hour days searching ground zero for bodies and remains. his son didn't make it out of the pentagon alive that day, the
9:27 pm
naperville native was working on intelligence when the plane struck the building. >> he loved the navy. he was very proud. i'm sure he was proud to be there that day. >> reporter: a day that changed the way we view our nation. >> since 9/11, there has certainly been attempts to carry out additional terrorist attacks on our own land, and, of course, there will be more. although we can never guarantee the attempts will not be successful, we can guarantee our resolve in these matters remain. >> and each other. >> our dedication and devotion to what we do is going to make the difference in the future if and when an attack comes act. >> reporter: they encouraged parents to bring children to visit the naperville memorial. it features a beam from the world trade center tower, fragments from the pentagon, and granite from the pennsylvania field. it's an issue that's
9:28 pm
dominated this september 11 anniversary. next, local groups work to battle antiislam sentiments. also for the first time, maggie daily talks about her thoughts about her husband's decisions to run for mayor of chicago. how skype is helping one indiana boy have a more normal school life. jim? bob, we began with clouds and rain across the chicago area. but once the clouds parted, it was a nice afternoon. will it hold? we'll have details and the full forecast still ahead. you're watching chicago's own wgn news with bob jordan, jackie, and rich king. this is chicago's wgn news at 9. it's great. i eat anything that i want.
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those plans by a pastor in florida to burn the koran never materialized today. in anticipation of the burning, the american library association based here in chicago and members of area islamic organizations staged a reading of versus from the koran. more now on that story from
9:32 pm
wgn's dan pondsack. >> goodness does not persist in turning your faith east or west. >> reporter: on the steps of the american library association and across the street from a downtown chicago church, a small group listened to passages of the koran. many attended the reading to show support for islam. >> i think it's critical that we as americans and citizens of the world express a respect for all religions and for the people of all religions. for many people, islama- phobe is touching people. after the heated protest over a proposed islamic center at ground zero. people are hoping to stop the spread of islama-phobes. >> people will get to hear what
9:33 pm
the koran says. maybe it leads to asking more questions. >> reporter: most of the people attending today's event are here celebrating the freedom of religion and freedom to read. >> i believe it should be read with understanding, i believe our country needs to understand the koran. not to become muslims, but we need to understand what it is all about. >> reporter: holding a bible next to the koran, today jesse jackson talked to religious leaders who show support about the religious reading. >> the reading downtown is an affirmation of faith. >> for every one person planning to burn the koran, there are probably hundreds of thousands of americans who are interested in reading the koran. this is free publicity of the koran. we believe that. >> chicago's first lady says she and the mayor talked for
9:34 pm
several months about if he should seek reelection. she urged him to consider what he himself wanted to do. prior to her husband's announcement this week that he will not run for office next year. maggie thanks chicagoens for all their support during her husband's 21 years of service. >> we are so grateful to the people of chicago. they are the best in the world. they've been very kind to me and our family. my gratitude knows no bounds to all of them. >> she pledged she'll continue to be involved in the after school matters program which she cofounded in 1991. rain and clouds gave way to a bit of sunshine in chicagoland today. >> that's right. next, jim ramsey will tell us if that will continue into sunday. it's great. i eat anything that i want.
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so gloomy this morning, but started out bad, turned nice. >> we have a pretty good rain shower. picked up almost a quarter inch, but the rain cleared out fairly quickly, and finally the clouds parted and we had afternoon sun. that warmed the air to 75 degrees. that is precisely normal for this date. time lapse cameras caught a few clouds aloft. look at this, kind of a gloomy
9:38 pm
starlet. also another band of clouds pushed through just before sunset this evening, that was a little trough. didn't obtain rainfall, but did obscure the sun. we have mostly clear skies around chicago. temperatures in the 60s. now, high temperature today up to 75, but notice the 80s are close. however, our winds out of the northwest the next day or two should keep our air temperature in the 70s. it's presently 66 at o'hare airport. 61 degrees, dew point temperature, overnight lows expected around the mid-50s or so. winds, not very strong, wind speeds about 5-15 miles per hour tonight. temperature forecast, plenty of canadian air along the nation's northern tier. one reenforcing surge of air is expected to come into chicago throughout the week. we're not expecting to see 80
9:39 pm
this week. towards next weekend, temperatures may not get out of the 60s. the radar, this is the stuff that came through chicago this morning, now headed into parts of eastern or western pennsylvania and new york state. the radar is clear around chicago, a little messy in parts of the southeast. these were big storms that rattled through tennessee and kentucky earlier today, as many as 13 damaging wind reports in parts of northeastern kentucky and tennessee. rain through parts of georgia and northern florida as well. our computers suggest there's a little action tomorrow night. notice the clouds gathering, by midnight tomorrow or little beyond. notice a little rain shower pushing through the area, that's only a slight chance. forecast for tonight, mostly clear skies in the area, winds weaken, low temperature 52-58. the winds, 5-12. for tomorrow, nice-looking sunday, mostly sunny skies,
9:40 pm
high temperature in the 70s with a west wind. mostly cloudy tomorrow night, slight, very slight chance of a shower, 54-58-degree temperatures. workweek starts with partly cloudy skies, beautiful day, 73-77-degree temperatures, northwest wind. 7-day forecast, look at the 70s. that's pretty seasonal for mid- september, but by the time we get to next friday, daytime high temperatures not expected to get out of the 60s. next chance of rain is wednesday night into thursday. that could be an interesting system, rain and thunderstorms, we'll monitor that closely. but pretty nice week overall. >> looks like it, mostly 70s. good weather. >> just about the whole week. >> thanks. a joyful moment this september 11 for one local marine who's enjoying a weekend at home. a perfect day for a parade in lincoln square. where they are hopping down the
9:41 pm
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a marine from plainfield came home today to a warm welcome. [ cheers and applause ] lance corporal alberto pause was speechless as he got out of the car his family, fellow marines were there to greet him. the 20 year old had spent the last 7 months in the persian gulf. >> a 6th grader attends school via skype. he has a disorder that prevents his body from fighting infections and zaps him of energy he needs to go to school, so he gets on the computer to be part of class. his teacher not only uses skype in her classroom every day for 2 hours, but goes to his home to tutor him and pick up his homework. >> he's there and interacts with us and has become an honor roll student. >> i can see my classmates and still do my work.
9:48 pm
>> he'll be skypeing into class long distance next week. the wish upon a star organization granted his wish to a family trip to the grand canyon. german americans are celebrating frederick vonn stuben. that calls for a parade. the annual parade honors the man who offered his services to george washington at valley forge. he also taught american soldiers how to drill. he spoke little english and would have his translator swear at the troops for him when he was angry. the parade was used in the film ferris bueller's day off. >> sports is next with the last place royals in town, the sox should be looking to gain some ground on the twins, but kansas
9:49 pm
city had other ideas. and tiger woods could be facing his last round of the year tomorrow. rich king has full details coming up next in sports.
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i guess you heard. we all know what that means. we're talking about the white sox. >> that was bob moaning in the office next to me. what's going on, no. >> the night before i thought they did well. figured they were on a roll. >> couldn't carry it over. after a dramatic win last night, white sox looked worn out this evening. stayed that way for the sox who got hammered 8-2. not a lot of fireworks during the game, the royals ripped jackson. rips a shot that goes in for a double. kc led 3-0, 8-1 in the 8th when he comes up and skies one deep to left, 34th of the year. sox go down. twins and indians are scoreless in the 8th. tank was empty on the south
9:53 pm
side tonight. >> nothing. we could get nothing going. couldn't even get excited. we got people in baseball, nothing, nothing was going on today. >> no bologna the cubs are playing good baseball. he wins his 13th of the year, 100th of his career in milwaukee. beats brewers. cubs win 1-0, they have taken the first two in that series in milwaukee. you could not ask for a better plot or subplot in college football, game of the week, michigan and notre dame, an afternoon dripping in drama that lasted until the final seconds, the irish lost the quarterback when his bell was rung in the first series. michigan cashed in, robinson from 87 yards in the second quarter, michigan led 21-7. he's not that fast. we speeded it up. the irish offense came back
9:54 pm
with them. buying some time, finds rue doll of, he makes off, notre dame led 24-21. michigan had one last crack and made it work. 27 seconds left, robinson takes it into the end zone, michigan wins 28-24. robinson with a michigan record, 502 yards in offense. they had a 24-3 in the second period when he gets his second pick of the game. he takes it 47 yards on the return. you can see they got the wildcats scored, nailed him for a touchdown here. his second of the game. wildcats win 37-3, they are 2- 0. he took apart siu tonight. he rolls out, finds him for 33 yards and a score.
9:55 pm
they win the final 35-3. they are 1-1. shocker of the day at minnesota where gopher fans were stunned. south dakota upset minnesota led by a man who tossed for three more, 144 in total offense. south dakota beats the gophers 42-38. sensational final rounds of the bmw classics, tiger woods will not make the finals this year. he's 8 shots behind the leader. moore has a 1-shot edge after pushing a 66 on a cool and rainy day. johnson and wee scores 8 under par there for the shot. woods finally got even par for the tournament. almost gets a birdie, but has to make up 8 shots on the field tomorrow to make it to the top 5 and make it to the fed ex finals. he wants to win and knows he
9:56 pm
has a shot. that's a near-record round to get there. >> as of right now looks like 61 or 62 might have to be the number. depends on what these guys do on the back 9. the guys aren't running away with this tournament, the greens aren't good enough to do that. we'll see what happens. >> world championship basketball, nice work by the usa team here. on the break for the jam, leading the way for the americans was kevin durant. kevin with a record 38 points in the game, usa wins 89-74 to advance to the finals against turkey tomorrow. kim of belgium wastes no time. she faces russia, took her in straight sets. she wins 6-2, 6-1. only 15
9:57 pm
unforced errors. he tops federer in five sets, he'll face nadal tomorrow. union 1-0, kyle took part in the scrimmage this afternoon, part of chicago open gym, kyle going up young sailors and children who live at the great lakes facility. basketball 101. kyles simply loves it. >> this is when basketball is pure and good. i think, you know, the higher the level you play, the more rewarding it might be, but the less pure it is, you know, when you come to open gym, it is what it is, it's open gym. you come out here and play hoops. >> that's the story on kyle, the bears tomorrow against the lions, i'll be out there, full report on instant replay tomorrow night at 9:40. stick with us. >> that's the news for this saturday night. >> i'm robert jordan. for all of us here, have a great night, everyone. it's great. i eat anything that i want.
9:58 pm
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